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Social & Environmental

An organization like ours is well placed to support the local community, providing employment and training opportunities. We support Indonesia’s youth, welcoming students into our factories for job training, and we are building our own textile training centre in Bekasi. 

Water treatment facilities are integral to our factories – nowhere is this more evident than at our factory in Tangerang which has the best water pollution control in Indonesia’s textile sector. Our commitment to improving the environment is not an empty promise. It is integral to the way we do business. For example:

The new industrial town MM2100, incorporates a large area of green belt, not only for aesthetics, but also to enhance and maintain the natural environment of this rapidly developing region.
In our residential developments such as Alam Sutera, the emphasis is on providing clean, healthy living space, including landscaped parks, swimming pools and children’s playgrounds.

The responsibilities of any company, large or small, do not rest solely with the needs of shareholders, customers and staff. All companies have social obligations to the communities in which they work. At the Argo Manunggal Group, the emphasis is not purely on business. There’s a much more personal side to our organization. With our deep-rooted commitment to Indonesia, we are determined that Argo Manunggal will be a good citizen in all its activities – business, social, cultural and educational, both today and in the future.