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The Argo Manunggal Group is a major business organization encompassing the textile, steel, property, tyre and poultry industries. The Group is highly competitive, and has been very successful in adapting to new markets and business challenges, both locally and overseas.
The competitive spirit of Argo Manunggal is evident throughout the Group – in management, our corporate culture, product innovation and our highly skilled workforce. While it is important to the Argo Manunggal Group to expand and develop in association with our current customers, we also have a strong new business program. Our ongoing success in the marketplace is firmly based on quality, price leadership and customer satisfaction. Argo Manunggal has established an enviable global position through joint- venture partnerships with reputable foreign companies, and the Group is strongly committed to forming long-term relationships based on mutual trust. We believe that the only good business is one which benefits the market in which it operates. It may be in providing jobs that did not exist before, or by offering a product which is better or cheaper. Our aim is to benefit customers, suppliers and creditors alike. “Unity through Diversity” has been the motto of the Indonesian people for centuries. “Excellence through Unity” has been the motto of the Argo Manunggal Group. This is a philosophy for success, proven by the outstanding growth of the Group to its current leadership position. You are invited to find out more about our business, and about the opportunities and great potential within the Argo Manunggal Group.