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By utilized the Group Argomanunggal owned land in Gunung Sari areas (Serang Banten) with an area of +/- 150HA and land in farms with extensive Chicken Mangosteen sukabumi +/- 125HA , PT . Pelikan Makmur Abadi will be planting it with teak seedlings are expected to be harvested after 5-7 years old.

Number of teak seedlings can be planted in an area of 1 HA highly variable , because it is determined by the distance of each tree as follows :

* Distance 2 x 2 m = 2500 trees in 1 HA
* Distance 3 x 3 m = 1100 trees in 1 HA
* Distance 2 x 2.5 m = 2000 trees in 1 HA

Currently working on the process of the teak plantations in Gunung Sari site with an area of 10 ha with a distance of 2 x 2 m to number 25,000 teak seedlings , and planting will be completed by mid- February 2015 ( starting active since 11 January 2015 ) .
Planting his next will be decided after the first planting project is completed .
Planned on the land will be planted with a crop intercropping sidelines teak trees with crops that have economic value crops such as ginger .

In addition we already have the human resources to manage the plantation  and  farm , the Company is also working with the government -owned institutions engaged in the agricultural / plantation  and  agriculture .