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Argo Manunggal Group is involved in varied property development projects - from industrial to residential area development. MM 2100 is an industrial estate located in Cibitung with a total area of 2500 Ha; and Alam Sutera Residential Area is a community of lifestyle and living located in Serpong, Tanggerang Banten, with a total area of 700 Ha.

One of the Group’s fundamental strategies for the future is property development. Argo Manunggal has established in the property business since 1983, The group is aware of the living standard and economy improvement in Indonesia, hence the demand of better housing areas. The increment of this demand is reflected by the need from foreign investors for strategic industrtial areas that have a good infrastructure and work force availability.

The group’s first industrial area development project was MM 2100 Industrial Town. This project and innovation took place in Cibitung, Bekasi with a total area of 2500 Ha. It has become the most strategic and bigest industrial area in Indonesia.

MM 2100’s success in industrial area development is proven by the relocation into the area of big companies such as AT&T, Sony Corp., Matsuhita Kotobuki, Nippodenso Indonesia Ltd., Lucky Goldstar Ltd., and PT Argo Pantes. Having such strength in the fields of industrial area projects, the group also seized the potential investment in residential area.

Alam Sutera, Residential and Lifestyle Community is located 25 km from Jakarta, with total area 1.100 Ha. Alam Sutera is one of the most successful housing complex in Indonesia.