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Argo Manunggal is one of the biggest poultry suppliers in Indonesia, with the capability to produce 30 million chicks per year. The group keeps expanding it’s production capability and market segment by expanding it’s production capacity.

Indonesia being the 4th most populated country in the world has a big need for sustenance and Argo Mangunggal Group seized the potential of the industry early from the year 1980 by buying some of the poultry farms that had already been there. With the capacity to produce more than 50 million of chicks, hens, broilers, and adult laying hens; Argo Manunggal Group has become one of the biggest poultry suppliers in Indonesia.

In breeding program, the group utilizes advanced technology such as automatic feeding machinery, computerized incubation and brooders with technical support from EURIBRID BV – Holland.

The group poultry farms are supported by trained workers and located in high places where there’s clean air and serenity with the fowls. The fowl’s pleasant living condition results in low death rate, high illness tolerance, and high egg productivity rate. And as a care for the fowl’s welfare, the group provided a complete care service in form of routine visits from a team of veterinarians.

By investing in the poultry industry, Argo Manunggal strives to anticipate the ever-increasing demand by establishing new farms. The rapid growth in the business is the result of our dedication to services, reputation and continuation in accommodating high quality products.