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The Argo Manunggal Group is one of Indonesia’s foremost textile manufactures, producing several million pounds of yarn, several million yards of fabric and several hundred thousand garments each week. Argo Manunggal will maintain its cutting edge by emphasising product quality, quick response and service.

The textile industry plays a vital role in national development, as the demand for textiles is constantly rising in both local and export markets. Argo Manunggal is one of the biggest textile producers in Indonesia. The Group’s involvement in textiles began in 1961, with the establishment of PT Daya Manunggal at Salatiga, Central Java. The company started with 200 looms producing greige fabrics. In 1969, it commenced the dyeing and printing of these fabrics in line with the Group’s vision to be a prominent player in the textile industry. In 1973, the Group began yarn production at PT Dharma Manunggal, Tangerang, West Java with the technical assistance of Kurabo, Japan. The company started with a capacity of 30,000 spindles.

At present, the Argo Manunggal Group textile division comprises more than 20 companies, involved in fibre manufacturing, spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and printing to produce high-quality yarns, textiles and garments.
Our rapid growth in textiles can be attributed to an ongoing commitment to quality, delivery and competitive pricing. We’ve proven we can meet our customers’ needs, whether “off the shelf” or custom made to requirement. Through our strength, flexibility, ample resources and the adoption of the latest technology, Argo Manunggal is able to provide significant cost benefits to our customers without sacrificing product quality or delivery.

From the inspection of individual cotton bales, through to final fabric and dispatch, a comprehensive quality-control process is conducted. Attention to detail is a key element in meeting the criteria required to surpass the highest-quality classifications in the world market. The quality of our products, whether dyed and printed fabric or denim, is evident with international brands such as Levi’s and Marks and Spencer being the end user. Argo Manunggal currently meets much of Indonesia’s domestic yarn requirements, as well as supplying fabrics to local garment manufacturers. The export of yarn and fabric has increased significantly in recent times. The integrated approach of our organization is best demonstrated by our recent venture into garment production, with the garment manufacturing companies producing knitted garments for Lacoste, Wrangler Jeans and Polo by Ralph Lauren using fabrics supplied by the Group’s own textile division.

The Argo Manunggal Textile division has 12 factories located around Jakarta and West and Central Java, Completely vertical fabric manufacturing operation from spinning to fabric, Extensive fabric collections for workwear , yarn dyed, fashion, and piece dyed fabric, 80 million meters of fabric manufactured per annum plus, Garment manufacturing for workwear, corporate wear, and leisure wear, Digital print facility, Garment sample service